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Cheer Mix PACKges

Custom Mixes
Pre-Made Mixes

Custom Mixes

Custom Cheer Music from £60 for 1.15 and £100 for 2.30


Ideal for a team looking to make an impact with custom music, voiceovers and sound effects tailored to your routine.

Pre-Made Mixes from £20 for 1.15 and £40 for 2.30


Instant and affordable mixes with custom options available.

New customer? receive 5% off!*

*Discount is only valid for Custom Mixes and Music Production fee


All Synergy Sounds music mixes are now licensed via ClicknClear. License fees are NOT included in the above prices and will vary depending on the music you have chosen through their platform. ClicknClear is a music licensing platform with a database of commercial music that is cleared for use in Cheerleading. To browse the catalogue of licensed Commercial Music please visit and send us your playlist.

Synergy Sounds will license music on your behalf and add it to the above fees.


All orders are subject to our Terms and Conditions. To read a copy, please click here

Pre-Made Mixes

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