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How We Started


Synergy Sounds was founded in 2013, when we noticed a lack in professional cheer mixes in the UK. With over 5 years of working in the music industry, combined with experience and knowledge of Cheerleading and Coaching, we knew we could not only fill that gap, but provide industry leading cheer mixes. 

Why Synergy Sounds?


We pride ourselves in being the most affordable, licensed cheer mix company based in the UK, that delivers high quality music combined with exceptional customer service.  We now only offer music with licenses so you can trust that you are legally covered with all of the music we use.

Team Jamaica

“ Synergy Sounds has contributed greatly to our accomplishments at Worlds 2018 and for this we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you all.  When we first heard the mix from Synergy Sounds both coaches and team members were excited.  The energy and vibes the mix brought was unforgettable, and so was the team’s response.

Cooperation and energy are crucial elements of cheerleading. The song choices and mixture played a key role in energising each team member and created a vibrant atmosphere for them to rehearse."

Team Netherlands

“ Thanks for providing a fantastic mix for us! The mix is exactly how we wanted it to be. We loved the voiceovers especially. They fitted our team so well!

Compliments for the great service. Synergy works really fast and professional. Thanks for let us shine on de the Cheerleading World Championships."

Team England ParaCheer

“Synergy Sounds did a fantastic job! The original mix was done in record time and every change was also done within 24 hours. The quality of the mix was fantastic, Synergy Sounds seamlessly mixed songs and voiceovers together, the final version flowed really well and was easy for our athletes to follow. We would love to use them again and recommend them to everyone who needs a cheer mix. ."

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